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Jay Jones Jr, known by his stage name DJ 3XL. He's a DJ for Heroics Music Group & Fresh Eight Skate DJ's. 3XL is a Savannah, GA native and prominent Hip-Hop DJ in the South. With the infusion of Hip-Hop, 80's, 90's, Pop, House and R&B, along with various turntablism skills, DJ 3XL is able to diversify his performances to rock crowds with his turntablism skills with ease. DJ 3XL started DJing in 1994, inspired by DJs like Jazzy Jeff, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Scratch & DJ Ty Boogie. 3XL persistence and dedication paid off, as jobs rolled in at San Diego’s major nightclubs and skating rinks. 3XL has been rocking crowds for 23years and he's not going to STOP!!!!!!!

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