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Candis ‘SheIsHipHop’ White

Brooklyn, New York, mother of hip hop’s most gifted and successful rap stars, has given birth to

Candis, a 21st Century female rap phenomenon who brings life & truth to the hip hop scene. A lyricist by nature, Candis is strength, she is depth, she is woman, & She Is Hip Hop.


Growing up under the reign of artists like Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Missy

Elliott, Da Brat, DMX, and Tupac, Candis was inspired to pair her gift of writing and her love for music. Recording her first song in 2000, she began to make a name for herself right at home in Brooklyn’s Farragut & Fort Greene Housing Projects.


 Candis has a message in her music, and a voice, that separates her from her peers — a message that captures not only the ears, but the heart as well. In 2003, Candis composed a tear-jerking number

about the struggles of her childhood and the loss of her grandmother, titled “It’s OK.” It was at this moment that she started to see her gift "make room for her". The song earned Candis a $10,000

college scholarship from the annual BMG World of Expressions songwriting contest, which would help Candis finance her undergraduate education, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Rutgers University.


 As a hip hop artist who had been trying to get her foot in the door for over 10 years, Candis decided to use her music experience, college education, and corporate background to create DreamHouse
Entertainment (also known as DHE). Her vision for DHE was to create a home for aspiring artists, DJs, songwriters, producers, authors, and all other roles entertainment --- a home that would not only

allow them to pursue their dreams, but would also assist them in developing their respective crafts, as well as learn the business side of the industry. In 2015, she welcomed her cousin and recent

exoneree, Jonathan “Hook” Fleming, on board as partner and co-CEO. Her passion and his story are what make DHE unlike any other entertainment company of its time.



Candis has been recognized as Most Original Female Artist, Best Female Rapper, and Best Female

Lyricist. Her website,, has also received industry recognition for not only being used as a platform to promote Candis, but also as her personal blog to share her thoughts on

community issues and other artists/industry players as well. The “Queen of the Month” section honors other women who are also making a mark in their respective industries.


Candis is just as committed to making a difference in the lives of those outside of entertainment. She volunteers her time regularly as a mentor and leader in youth-focused programs, such as Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, College MAP, and Everybody Wins! Atlanta. Candis also serves as a Program

Manager for the Jonathan Fleming Foundation, a non-profit organization created to help former inmates transition back into society. Entrepreneur, rapper, mom, mentor, philanthropist -- among other titles, Candis is determined to make her mark as a world changer!

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