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Hiphop recording artist, Bombchelle was born and raised in Somerset, NJ with an extreme determination to make a difference in her life and the lives of others. A former b-girl (breakdancer), Bombchelle decided to pick up the microphone, thus embarking on her latest life-long mission…unleashing her verbal prowess into the universe.  She credits legendary emcee, Tupac Shakur as one of her biggest influences in the game and her lyrical skill brings forth a whole new meaning to the term “emcee”.  Bombchelle is truly poised to stake her claim in the “rap game” as a bonafide emcee.


Having independently distributed and sold over 30,000 copies of her debut solo album “Bombchelle, Blowin Up.”, she was also featured on various mix tapes all over the country. More recently, “Time is Tickin” hosted by DJ Juanito from New York’s HOT 97 and Firestarter produced by her recent partner SHALEEKBEATS (Shaleek Pearson) and currently works with him and released her newest album EXPLOSION recorded at DABEATSHOP including her first track “My Life” produced by her friend and legendary producer Easy Mo Bee.


Wearing numerous hats such as manager, promoter, booking agent and rap artist all at the same time, Bombchelle still manages to increase her net worth by performing countless shows all over the Tri-State area, networking, magazine interviews, radio interviews (spins) and working on a third album.  Bombchelle was nominated for the best hip hop artist on ABC network radios, Effigy Awards 2008.....and above all the while holding down her number one task at hand…being a mother to her two sons.  


A college graduate for business management, Bombchelle decided to completely dedicate her life to music by

investing and becoming co-owner of Greenhouse Recordings, the very first recording studio she ever recorded in.  

“Music is my passion,” she says, “I am driven and motivated beyond understanding in an effort for my music to be

heard all over the world, and inspire as many people as I can in the process.”  It would be impossible for it not to

happen because one thing is for certain; Bombchelle will never stop being an emcee and poet.  Hip hop culture

runs deep into her veins.





Instagram: msbombchelle7



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